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Your Outsourced People and Recruitment Function

Why partner with us? 

Our passion is partnering with small to medium size enterprises and working with business owners and leaders of people-centric organisations to achieve their Company's vision and growth through their talented people. 

We bring over 20 years HR knowledge and years of strategic board experience to help SME's create operational and HR efficiency gains and generate cost savings. 

We offer strategic and operational HR and direct recruitment services and were instrumental in helping one of our past clients feature in the Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track Award of the 100 fastest-growing IT Companies in the UK for two years.  

Direct Resourcing

We save you effort, time and cost by finding best talent through our competitive direct resourcing service at the fraction of the cost charged by high-street recruitment agencies at no risk. If we can't find the right candidate, we won't charge.

We get to know your business including your sector, market, vision and culture, benefits and your recruitment requirement to ensure best fit. This enables us to understand exactly the person you are looking for in terms of hard and soft skills and cultural fit. 

Our search for your perfect candidate includes the following steps: 

- draft the job advert to attract suitable candidates

- advertise your vacancy on a variety of job boards for a wide reach

- review CVs 

- telephone interview potential candidates 

- provide you with a shortlist of suitable candidates with explanatory notes (the number of candidates is mutually agreed)

- communicate interview outcome to all applicants to ensure candidates have a positive experience and

- present the offer and contract terms to the successful candidate on your behalf. 

Outsourced People Consultancy 

Let us be your on-site HR Department - we can flex our service to suit your

business needs from a few hours per month to a full-time partnership on-site

or off-site, whether for a single project or an on-going need

Cultural Alignment

We appreciate how important your culture is to your business, it reflects your identity. We work with you to strengthen you positive and supportive culture so that it will continue to attract and retain the best talent, offering you competitive advantage. Our work includes defining, implementing and embedding employee support initiatives, for example your vision and values, business and people objectives, employee satisfaction and engagement surveys and employee reviews to ensure effective communication and two-way feedback, employee motivation and engagement, job enrichment, diversity and inclusion and much more.

People and Performance 

We offer advice, coaching and hands-on support to your management team and employees for any people issues such as Employee Relations, Employee Reviews, Performance Management, Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Settlement Agreements, Terminations or Redundancies. This could be on-site support where we attend any meetings with you or guidance via email or over the telephone. 

You have instant access to a hands-on independent expert with knowledge, tact and empathy to help you plan and navigate any employee challenges. The result is often seen as a positive solution through:

- an increase in employee motivation and performance following employee reviews and performance management meetings or 

- a lower risk of a legal dispute following dispute resolution, mediation, settlement agreements, terminations or redundancies.

Learning & Development and Coaching

We assist with your learning and development needs including 

- L&D strategy creation

- designing and delivering your learning and development initiatives or 

- coaching - from executive coaching to one-to-one coaching of employees or managers

- online compliance training for SMEs in areas such as diversity & inclusion, GDPR, cyber security, anti-bribery, display screen equipment, Health & Safety, home working, employee well-being, and many more. Our partnership with iHASCO, the leading provider of online Health & Safety and Compliance training, allows us to offer some of the best training available at preferential rates. A selection of 100+ approved eLearning courses, taking on average 30 minutes to complete, enable you to work effortlessly towards compliance with current legislation. 


HR Influence offers a payroll service for weekly, bi-weekly, four-weekly or monthly payroll, delivered by a dedicated payroll expert who builds a long-standing relationship. We flex our service to suit your payroll requirements.

Governance and Compliance

Our HR Audit reviews your current HR provision in a structured way and provides a comprehensive diagnostic report and action plan tailored to your organisation. 

The recommendations will cover how to meet Governance and Regulatory requirements and de-risk your business.

We can create or update your employment contracts and policies, restrictive covenants and Directors Service Agreements and review them periodically to ensure compliance.

Our online compliance training is inexpensive, time saving and efficient, and will offer your company added protection in all areas of compliance. 

Wellness for Performance 

HR Influence can offer specialist Mindfulness & Resilience training for Workplace Teams. We help you to look after your employees. Our Mindfulness & Resilience Programme give them the tools to deal with the stresses and strains of a busy and stressful life, which in turn will improve your employees' attendance and performance. 

We are also qualified Workplace First Aiders who can look after your employees' mental health and wellbeing. 

Restructuring and Change Management

We understand that businesses have to adapt to remain competitive and thrive. And when changes occur, whether that's right-sizing, redundancies or other change management requirements, we can help you navigate the employee landscape and managing the process and put measures in place to reduce the impact on your business and employees. 

People Strategy & Consultancy

HR Influence offers interim People Directors who help with your people agenda, devise your People Strategy and translate this into your People plan. We implement or improve the employee support framework that allows and motivates your employees to work at their best to support your business.

We advise on contractual and legislative requirements and set up systems and processes to offer the required governance and compliance tailored to your organisation.

We can also be your on-site HR Department and flex our service to suit your business requirements from a few hours per month to a full-time partnership on-site or off-site.

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