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Why us?

HR Influence provides a comprehensive and flexible HR Consultancy service. SME's benefit from our structured review of their People function to ascertain how their People function is performing and improve HR contribution to the organisation's growth and success. HR Influence offers strategic guidance and practical suggestions on how the People function can operate more efficiently and create greater value through your people.


We focus on understanding our clients and the markets they operate in, enabling us to truly engage with their company. This knowledge enables us to implement HR strategies that optimise business and create operational efficiencies through their staff and processes. We make HR easy to understand and devise practical solutions tailored to the opportunities and challenges of your organisation.


HR Influence offers flexibility and develops trusted partnerships, offering an efficient and solution-centric service provision to businesses:

- ATTRACT: direct resourcing, advertising, branding, social media, review of recruitment brand

- NAVIGATE CHANGE: restructuring, rightsizing, consultancy projects, additional bandwidth through interim HR Consultants giving expert advice and guidance on-going or for ad-hoc projects

- PEOPLE AND PERFORMANCE: Employee relations, performance management, dispute resolution, settlement agreements, terminations, L&D, coaching

- RETAIN: cultural alignment, vision, mission, values, employee satisfaction and employee Net Promoter Score, enriching work

- GOVERN: strategic HR advice and guidance through expert leadership, aligning HR initiatives to company goals, driving improved business performance and growth

- ASSESS: HR Audit and diagnostic report with recommendations on initiatives

- COMPLIANCE: periodic or annual review of contracts, policies and handbooks, regulatory requirements, advice on employment law changes, expert guidance, compliance training.


We save you time and reduce the employee challenges you have to handle - giving you back the time you want to grow your business.


Please review our Services Page for more detail. 

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